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C o n t a c t  &  O  r  d  e  r  i  n  g

Thank you for visiting and taking a look at the ketubot. The Jewish marriage document is unique in that it is a tangible object that remains from one of the most special and important days in our lives. For me, making ketubot, as is true for any creative process, is ultimately a spiritual endeavour, and my hope is that the ketubah will be consistant with the inner journey that brings two people together under the chuppah.

My aim is to create a ketubah that is both personal and connected to Jewish tradition. I work with each chatan & callah (groom and bride) according to their desire to be part of the process. In my experience working on ketubot, couples have participated by sending a wide range of information (pictures, letters, poems, songs) in order to help me get a better understanding of their bond and individual sensibilities. Some choose to be involved in the actual construction of the ketubah, discussing size, color and content. Still others were most comfortable giving over full artistic license. Any approach ends up being the right approach, leading to a ketubah that speaks to the specific couple. I also make anniversary ketubot and write texts in English or a combination of Hebrew and English.

We can arrange safe, affordable and efficient shipping to any destination. Please contact me by email.

I am continually making paintings and drawings; as a result, artwork without text is also available for purchase or by commission.

Feel free to write with any comments, suggestions or feedback.


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