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A b o u t  

t h e

A r t i s t

Jonah Schiller graduated from Brown University with a degree in Studio Art. In addition, Jonah studied

painting in Florence, Italy at the Studio Art Centers International and the Wimbleton School of Art in

London, England. After completing his studies, Jonah taught Art and Art History to high school students

while continuing to create work that was shown in a successful exhibition in Boston in 1996. Jonah

lived in Israel for 9 years, painting ketubot for 7 years and ultimately receiving rabbinic ordination.

Jonah now lives with his wife and two children in the States where he works as a Rabbi and educator.

He continues to be inspired to make art that celebrates the mystery of marriage and explores the union

of fine art and tradition. He is currently involved in creating Jewish public art projects.


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